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A student advisor helps you with all kind of questions regarding studying abroad. 


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Studying abroad is a big decision to make. You're problably full of questions. Besides leaving your home country, you also have to choose a study programme that suits you, find out all the practical matters about studying abroad and deciding if the HZ is the right university for you. A student advisor might come in handy! 

A student advisor can help you with:

  • advise about study programmes
  • the application process
  • which requirements are needed to study and live in the Netherlands
  • what are the fees and finances
  • studying in The Netherlands
  • where you could hire a student room
  • get you in contact with other students

Talk to an advisor

What other students say




Sarlote: i have the opportunity to study in many places in the world

"I hope that more girls and women around the world follow their hearts like I am doing now at HZ. By doing what I want, studying Civil Engineering, I think I already show that it is possible. Work hard and believe in your goals, whoever you are or whatever you want to achieve.”







Giusy: at HZ I learn how to make the world a better place

"How can we make the world a better place? We talk about it a lot while working on our projects. Everybody deserves a holiday, some time to relax and enjoy the moment. It's good for your mental health!


It's your future

Bij HZ University of Applied Sciences ontwikkel je jezelf tot een hbo-professional en ontdek je hoe je bijdraagt aan een betere wereld.


Innovative university

At HZ, innovation is key. Every day we work together on innovative ideas for a better world.


International network

As HZ-student you can travel all over the world! Enough opportunities to spend part of your study time abroad.


HZ Community

Following a study at HZ is so much more than just studying; here you will make friends for life!

Talk to an advisor

A student advisor helps you with all kind of questions regarding studying abroad. Fill in the form and get answers to your questions!