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"At HZ I gain work experience while studying"


My story

When I arrived in Vlissingen, I realised what a unique opportunity I had to learn and grow. I felt so lucky to be able to study abroad. That helped me focus and become a more serious student than I had been before.

I have grown a lot since I came here. On a professional level, but also on a personal level. I set myself challenges. One of the things I wanted to learn was to communicate effectively and improve my English language skills. HZ’s international environment helped with that. You can communicate with people from all around the world here. It is quite amazing how people from such different cultures can all understand each other.

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Be specific
I made friends quickly. Dutch friends as well. I met them through a group project. What I learned from them is that you have to be to the point. Where I come from, when we do an assignment, we fill it with as much data as we can. Here they actually check what you have written. So you had better be specific.

Enjoyable learning atmosphere
The whole approach to teaching and studying at HZ is totally different from back home. These new ways of learning that I discovered here have facilitated my learning process. First of all: you are on a more equal footing with teachers. Universities back home are more like schools. Four walls and everyone stays in class. Here the atmosphere is far more enjoyable. Our teachers tell us what they think is important. What they teach us is always something we will use later on.

Active courses
Secondly, the courses are quite active. Of course, I read on the website that HZ has a practical approach, but I thought that that was just a slogan. HZ organises company visits. You go inside a company and analyse how they work. During guest lectures you get information from someone in the field with work experience. That keeps the lessons interesting and it will help me onwards in the future. Coming to HZ is the best choice I could have made.

My bachelor combines knowledge from many different fields, although business is always at its heart. It is an ideal way to discover where your interests and strengths lie and I look forward to doing a master’s degree where I will focus on one of the subjects, like accountancy.

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