Student Tourism Management


From Germany

“HZ has a large international network, which I can use during my studies to explore the world.”


My story

I wanted to study a combination of sports and tourism. There aren’t that many universities that offer that. So I started looking in other countries with a level of education similar to that in Germany and found HZ. I went to an open day with my dad. It was the only one I went to. I signed up right away. The course suited my needs career-wise, but the main thing was: I found a subject I was interested in. Although I have to work hard, I don’t feel stressed, because I have found something I like to do and I like the people I do it with.


Broad Education
The education you receive here is broad. We don’t just learn about vitality, sports and tourism; we learn to be independent, maybe even set up our own business. We also learn about HR and marketing, for instance.

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Practical Education and Group Work
Another reason I chose HZ is their practical approach. I gain knowledge better by doing and teaching things. That is why our group work is important to me. We help each other by explaining things to each other. Together we improve our knowledge all the time.

Learning by Doing
Learning by doing is part of the philosophy here. We all speak English in our class. Because my classmates and I are no native speakers, we help each other out with vocabulary all the time. That is helping me master the language that much faster. A bonus is that it feels great to combine learning something with helping my friends.

Career and Connections
The international aspect of HZ appealed to me as well. My dad always taught me that your career is all about your contacts and I will make connections. Not just now, but during my minor als well. HZ has connections in almost every country of the world. Thanks to that, I can, basically, go and study what I want, where I want during my minor. To have that level of freedom is really important to me.

I am really proud that I made the step to come here from Germany and that I have made so many friends so fast. My grades are good, but my social accomplishments feel more important somehow. The contacts and friendships I make now will further my career and they will last me a lifetime.

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